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GREG SCHEETZ                                                                                             GARY PILLA

Gary Pilla is the master of creating successful TV and digital campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world; Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Xbox, Verizon and Disney and NordicTrack.


One of the forefront leaders in Branded content, Gary’s campaigns have generated incredible results and 21 industry awards in the past 5 years alone.


Gary grew up in awe of animation and Disney magic. “I can still remember the feeling I had when I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the first time” recalls, Gary. “I cried watching a cartoon. And it’s not because I was a child, it’s because it was perfect.” “The story, the characters were so well crafted that you couldn’t help but connect.”


Gary’s relentless drive and pursuit of bringing that same feeling through ideas is a major reason these entertaining properties will be a success. “When you can produce something so connective that you forget you’re watching a cartoon, it’s truly magical. With Claw, Squirl n' Earl, Circus Freaks and Wiz-Bang Babies we will bring characters and stories to the world that bring out the imagi- nation of the kid that’s inside each one of us.”


Adds Gary, “Stay tuned, the fun is just beginning. Glad you’re along for the ride.” “Thank you so much for your support”


A graphic designer by day, conceptual artist and illustrator by night, Greg has spent the past 30 years designing, drawing and dreaming up characters so that some day his dream could come true.


“These projects have a special place in my heart”, says Greg. “Influenced by a stray cat I took in years ago, I’ve always loved the idea of creating a superhero world. Gadgets, vehicles, bad guys and great lead characters always intrigued me. I see ‘The Nine Lives of Claw™ as sort of a Batman/Bond mashup. I mean c’mon, that’s a killer combination there, right?”


Greg’s passion is for animation, movies and toys. That, and bringing to life all those crazy ideas that rattle around in his brain! “I tend to visualize and imagine most things as if they were on the big-screen –– to where I can almost reach out and touch them. “Then I grab a pencil and paper, or sit at my computer and capture what’s in my head”, exclaims Scheetz.


Greg’s work have been featured in children’s magazines, coloring books and on t-shirts. And another idea Greg co-developed has spawned a book series.” It’s hard to stop really. I love to create and these days, I’m focused on making “The Nine Lives of Claw” the “purrfect” superhero property.”


Fun fact : Back in ’96 Greg was a Top-10 Finalist in the Fourth-Annual Hanna-Barbara Storyboard Contest for his characters and storyboard “The Circus Freaks: The Clown Jewels.” I had the amazing honor of touring the studio and actually meeting both Mr. Hanna and Mr. Barbara. It’s something I will always cherish.” Says Greg. 

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