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Squirl 'n Earl follows the zany backyard antics of the optimistic and off-center Squirl, and his uptight tree neighbor Earl (a bird).


Squirl has fallen out of one too many trees and convinced himself that he’s actually a flying squirrel. Time and time again, he tries to convince Earl that it’s true too. This grumpy, set-in-his-ways bird and energetic squirrel will have to learn to get along and (gasp) maybe even become friends!


Life at Knothole Manor has never been crazier. Throw in a mischievous garden gnome, a mole doorman with bad vision, a nightowl who loves late-night disco parties, a panic-attack prone possum, beat box spewing hummin’ bird, and other dysfunctional tree neighbors and you’ll discover that life can be full of “nuts”. And that’s what makes life interesting!

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